Intelligence and the various Factors that effects it

Intelligence and the various Factors that effects it

Intelligence exists as an inherent trait found in some animals including the self-proclaimed higher animal: Man. Genes play a major part in defining the level of intellect of any unique person. Certain races are known for their relatively higher average intelligence quotient when compared to others. Several factors affect the level of brilliance being shown by an individual, and genetics only serves as a foundation that they can build from. Intelligence is not a rigid ability, it can increase or decline based on the actions plus inactions of a person.

Certain habits or lifestyle choices influence

Certain habits or lifestyle choices influence an individual’s intelligence positively or negatively. And some of this will be shared in the following paragraphs. Top of our list is; living an active life, that is, engaging yourself regularly in activities that will put your organ to work which in the long run improves your mental functioning. Scientists have proven that light exercise improves activities in the hippocampus in the brain which is related to memory. Aerobic exercise promotes the growth of neurons, this boosts mental function and structure. Other activities that can be viewed as light aerobic exercise include yoga, walking, and hiking.

Intelligence and the various Factors that effects it

Sleep is another act that can prove vital to boosting your intellect state. A good hour of sleep allows for optimal cognitive function of your grey matter. When you are sleeping, unlike the popular belief that the brain is at rest, the brain is still working, scanning through the new memories you have created. Sleep denial has negative effects on the ability of an individual to grasp plus keep a working memory. What you take into your body also affects how your brain functions. Some foods that contain specific types of nutrients affect the health of your brain. Foods particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin K are great in building mental health.

Another item you take in that affects the functioning process of the thinking organ is coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which blocks adenine compounds in the body and prevents the said compound from disrupting the release of elements that stimulate your grey matter. This reaction or process affects learning and mental prowess. Reading is one of the most practiced ways of actively improving your intelligence level. The activity requires the organ to perform multiple actions which include attention, long-term storage memory, abstract reasoning, and comprehension.

Just like the muscles of your body, working your grey matter which is the most vital organ in the body, will surely affect your intellect level positively. Other activities exist that can again affect our mental function and health. However, sticking with the above-listed activities can go a long way to improve your intelligence level.

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