The Side Effects of Nootropics

The Side Effects of Nootropics

If there was a medicine out there that you would take and get smarter and more intelligent, you would readily jump onto it. There have been recorded cases of memory boosters that have made people smarter and less dull over time. Though, it may seem like this is a science work of fiction, there may be some truth that backs up this knowledge or theory as seen before. But, unfortunately, what has advantages has negative sides to them too, these drugs have some underlying side effects. These side effects are associated with the way users use them if prescriptions are not gotten from medical practitioners or followed appropriately. There lie dangers and unforeseen effects of overusing or using the nootropics in a way not originally meant to be used.

What exactly are these nootropics we're

What exactly are these nootropics we’re talking about? What can they do and how do they affect your health? Your answer is right here. Nootropics are a class of drugs that enhances cognitive functions and improves people’s level of concentration and alertness. They can be called smart drugs too, they are supplements responsible for supporting the health of the brain and make you smarter. Nicknamed cognitive enhancers by different companies, they’ve been proven to improve memory, increase concentration, and focus. They can be a tool for fighting against cognitive decline seen in elderly persons, these are some of the benefits that nootropics have given to society. Although, some times when referring to nootropics you may just be talking about some dietary supplements and substances to enhance health.

You can get some classes of

You can get some classes of this type of brain enhancers over the counter or go to medical personnel to prescribe others for you. Whether you have an infant or a teenager or you’re an adult or elderly, there are no age restrictions on who can take nootropics, you all can take. Just that the dosage and the kind of nootropic will have to vary between the groups of people, generally, every individual can take nootropics. Caffeine pills and Racetams are two examples of the brain powered supplements, others are Retaline and Axura. The stimulators and other types have their negative sides, and side effects can be unique from person to person. It affects persons in different ways, considering their body hormonal concentrations and the way their bodies metabolize the nootropics.

The Side Effects of Nootropics

Though not all the nootropics available have been studied extensively and researched properly to know their side effects, some have. You can manage to get some just checking some pharmacy stores and buying from the counter, for others not so. Ritalin, an example of such nootropics that have side effects of restlessness, worry, pains while sleeping and in the stomach, and they can be abused. People who do not tend to follow prescriptions, or just buy the pills for fun or study purposes are the greatest abusers of them. As the pills are known to increase focus, adults going for interview sessions or students going for examples or tests tend to abuse the drugs. When you continue to take them at regular intervals, this can lead to you being addicted to the drugs on a long-term basis which is bad.

Not only addiction, but the possibilities of other effects can also instantly or gradually set into the picture with constant usage. Some internal organs can be damaged due to overuse and overdose, addiction leads to other psychological, economical problems too. Before the case progresses to higher degrees, people with addiction problem should seek medical care immediately. There are treatment programs that addicts can get into, and use drug detoxifiers to cleanse their system before matters get worse. More researches need to be made to look into those sold without prescriptions from the doctors, and so, their side effect largely unknown. Most of them have long-term side effects which can be deadly and life-threatening to people who make use of them regularly.

Having a history of a mental case in your family, studies have shown that the use of these nootropics has had adverse effects. Side effects such as nervous breakdown and psychiatric symptoms are discovered over time. Underlying mental issues are most times triggered by drug abuse, and substance overuse, making the mental conditions worse than before. When this happened to be the case such an individual is in, a dual diagnosis will help fish out the cause of the underlying disease and treat the addiction too. This clearly states that there’s a link between brain food and mental illnesses that need to be well studied.

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