The Use of Nootropics

The Use of Nootropics

Nootropics are natural or synthetic substance that when taken, may have a positive impact on mental skills. They are known to enhance cognitive functions, memory creativity, and generally the health of the person consuming them. In general, nootropics fall into three categories: dietary supplements, synthetic compounds, and prescription drugs. According to D’Adamo, the leading advocate of blood type diets, almost everyone uses nootropics whether or not they know it. For instance, caffeine is known to be the most powerful nootropic.

Luis A. Alarcon, a licensed family physician, claims people have different goals, interests, and factors in their control. Therefore, such people would do anything that will improve their intelligence, without harming their health. It is very fair to use caffeine, for example, to raises levels of alertness, attentiveness, and concentration. Only that it should not be used in excess by anyone. Calming substances are also used as an indirect form of enhancement to relax. This is mostly known to be useful before exams or an important meeting.

Remember that intensive research is done

They are effective in lowering tension among other advantages to the body. Doctors may use Anesthetic drugs for surgical purposes which helps in reducing the impact of pain among the patients. This is one way in which nootropics prove to be essential in the modern world.

Remember that intensive research is done before the decision on what substance to use is agreed upon. Clinical research has led to the off-label use of ‘smart drug. ’ This is because they can, under certain conditions, increase a certain amount of cognition. A perfect example of harmful drugs commonly used is a methylphenidate and modafinil. Methylphenidate and modafinil can enhance working memory as well as the general concentration in healthy individuals. However, the importance of such applications can be doubtful among the members of the society. Certain people who have used such substances have been reported to suffer from mental disorders.

On the negative side, the use

Such cognitive methods, therefore, raise multiple ethical issues among the people in the community. They also cause arguments among the different bioethical authorities in various countries. Hence, a layout of recommendations meant to regulate their use is being developed. The United States Presidential Commission for the study of Bioethical Issues has widened the bracket that covers mental enhancement techniques to include other essential items such as the neural modifiers. This includes a much wider arrangement of interventions, technologies, behaviors, as well as environmental conditions. The above named aspects are most likely to affect several areas of the human brain, and general health. Various medical practitioners have the ability to wisely re-shape the society.

On the negative side, the use of mental enhancements has raised ethical questions in different fields. Use of substances such as methylphenidate causes more disadvantages than advantages including dependence, and addiction. Additionally, they may lead to serious disorders such as cardiovascular, and psychological disorders. International laws are adapting to deal with these ethical and medical issues associated with these drugs. It is advisable that if you are considering using them, you should talk it over to your doctor first. This will help you know if there are any medical risks associated with their intake.

The Use of Nootropics

The mentioned drugs generally improve some aspects of cognitive performance which are usually memory in human beings. According to Skandia, private healthcare insurance, the agents have either less or no side effects even at high dosage. This is one of the many reasons that explains why you would opt for supplements.

Therefore, it is fair to use nootropics such as caffeine to a certain extent. For instance, it is fair for doctors to use them in hospitals to improve the healthcare of the patients. A number of these drugs such as caffeine are present in our beverages such as tea and coffee. You should avoid using such drugs to have an added advantage where equality is required.

An example is using these drugs to enhance your running in a marathon. Ethics are important on such events and doing so is ethically incorrect. Most importantly, ensure that it does not affect your life. This is why it is advisable to consult a doctor before deciding on using any of the supplements. According to several pieces of research, it is okay to use them when they do not affect your health negatively and are ethical. Always know that too much use is dangerous to your health.

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